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You can search this public register of LBPs to:

  • find an LBP
  • check that a person is licensed
  • view an LBP’s licence history
  • find out if an LBP has been disciplined in the last 3 years.

Under section 307 of the Building Act 2004, you can’t use the information in this register for any other purpose. If you do, you are breaching the Privacy Act 1993.

Building Act 2004 - Section 307
Privacy Act 1993 - Section 59

Search Criteria

Name Town Post code Date licensed[asc]
Robert Smith Waiheke Island 1081 28 Feb 2008
Clinton Smith Auckland 2013 4 Jun 2008
Christopher Smith Turangi 3382 24 Nov 2008
Grant Smith Auckland 2479 8 Dec 2008
Daryl Smith Papamoa 3118 23 Jan 2009
David Smith Nelson 7020 22 Jul 2009
Raymond Smith Auckland 0624 13 Oct 2009
Paul Smith Christchurch 8022 17 Nov 2009
Warrick Smith Auckland 0632 20 Jan 2010
Alan Smith Brisbane 4012 23 Feb 2010
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Make sure you check these registers too

The trade professionals in the table below are treated as licensed because they’re competent in specific LBP licence classes.

They’re not on the LBP register, because they have their own registration schemes. So you need to look for them in their own registers.

For this type of RBW… Search the LBP register AND this register
Site 1,2,3 and Design 1,2,3 The New Zealand architects register
IPENZ Engineers New Zealand - CPEng search
Roofing, Brick and Block, Exterior Plasterers Plumbers, Gasfitters and Drainlayers Board - Public register

Electrical workers are not LBPs. You can find them on their own website.
Electrical workers registration Board

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